Friday, March 30, 2012

418. Extra Special Birthday Edition

Today was my birthday. A bunch of twitter friends got together and made me a book of four sentence stories. It's awesome. So, in their honour, I'm doing something I've never done before in the history of this blog: guests posts. If you like them, you should give these folks a follow:

It sat in front of her, immense and impenetrable, a vast expanse of undisturbed white.
Words came to mind: pristine, pure, clean, virginal, innocent, unblemished.
She didn't need a description of the empty space that was mocking her with the description of itself in
such cliched words.
What she needed, as the deadline rapidly approached, were the words to put together the 4 lines of
text as a birthday gift for a friend.
- @common_st

In the morning, he looks at himself in the mirror, brushes his teeth, combs his hair and shaves his
stubble unaware that today is the day that everything changes.
He lays out his finely pressed shirt, his neatly ironed pants and his Friday socks when suddenly the
reflection in the mirror catches his eye.
He glances back at his crumpled sheets, sees the covered form of his wife, blanketed by the sun and
wrapped in a warmth only cats can truly appreciate.
This morning, he crawls back into bed, calls in sick and begins a new life.
- @superbang

He made it look effortless, but few could pull it off.
There was usually a twist at the end that you wouldn’t expect.
Did the twist refer to a dance, a piece of licorice, an ankle?
Or was it the last line of a four sentence story?
- @drjuliegill

So, first I start with a strong visual to draw the reader in.
Then, I get descriptive using adjectives.
I sprinkle a little tension with adverbs.
Twist at the end to wring out all the emotion I can, easy.
- @ThatSteveMills

Adventure Calls
He sat silently in his office looking for inspiration.
He sat so long staring at the wall that he surely thought his eyes would bore a hole straight through to
his neighbour.
The silence was broken by the sound of an incoming text message.
He smiled knowingly because adventure had just found him - it always did.
- @thedangillis

She approached the table, no ran to the table.
A sea of shoes all sang to her.
The brown ones, no the yellow ones, no wait the green ones.
A cry rang out across the room, "Help".
- @cinn48

Communication Breakdown
Twenty-six letters, ten numbers, and punctuation.
It was an outlet and a challenge for his creativity.
As he looked around he realized that his superior humour and cynicism was lost on the surrounding people.
He lamented the fact that there was no adequate emoticon to express this.
- @DrMarkKubert